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Wyatt & Associates
Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

Empowering Professionals with Expert Medical Insights at Wyatt & Associates!

Our Expertise in Healthcare Consultancy

At Wyatt & Associates, we bring clarity to matters involving healthcare and other disciplines through our expert consultancy services. As Certified Legal Nurse Consultants, we specialize in providing invaluable insights at the intersection of healthcare and other disciplines.


Who We Are?

Wyatt & Associates is led by a team of seasoned nurse consultants with years of experience in navigating complex healthcare cases.


Our expertise lies in deciphering medical records, identifying deviations in standards of care, and offering comprehensive support to professionals in various fields.

Our Services

Wyatt & Associates offers a comprehensive range of consultancy services to professionals and organizations, including:


Medical Record Analysis


Expert Testimony


Case Evaluation

Why Choose Us


Our team comprises highly qualified nurse consultants who bring a wealth of experience to every case.


We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and commitment to delivering accurate, reliable assessments.

Client-Centered Approach

We prioritize clear communication and collaboration, ensuring that we understand your needs & goals.


Get in Touch

Ready to gain a competitive edge in your practice? Contact Wyatt & Associates today to learn more about how our consultancy services can benefit you.

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